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Horrific Tragedy At Pocano, Ohio State Unanimous #1, Manning Can’t Feel Fingertips


In a horrific tragedy, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died a day after he was hit with debris at Pocano Raceway. IndyCar drivers are more susceptible to injuries because their cockpits are open. Wilson was widely beloved in the racing world for his kindness and professionalism. At only 37 years old, he will be sorely missed.


Ohio StateFor the first time ever, the Associated Press college football poll unanimously agreed on the number one college football team in the country. The honor goes to Ohio State Buckeyes with 61 first place votes. TCU came in second with Alabama, Baylor, and Michigan State rounding out the top 5. Should be another exciting season of college ball.

Peyton ManningIn other football news, Peyton Manning says he still can’t feel his fingertips on his throwing hand. He says that doctors keep telling him that the feeling will eventually come back but after four years, he’s not so certain. Manning fans don’t need to worry, however, as the numbness hasn’t affected his ability to make plays.

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