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DeSean Jackson Can’t Be Stopped, Harden Offered $200 Mill From Adidas, Tragic Bat Boy Accident


In the NFL, with training camps starting to get under way, Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is already holding the mic.  He said “Nobody in the NFL can stop me”.  Some very strong words, but Jackson is lightning quick, and has been known to burn cornerbacks.  He ever went so far as to name the names of those who can’t stop him.  He said he could get past Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman or anyone they throw at him.  All this bravado is nice, but the fact remains that the Redskins are not a very good team on paper.  But, in the NFL, anything can happen.


James HardenIn the NBA, James Harden (the man with the most facial hair in the NBA) may be getting very rich, very soon.  Adidas has offered him a 13-year $200million contract to leave Nike and be in the Adidas family.  Adidas has been the distant second shoe brand for the NBA, and they could use a superstar like Harden to boost them up.  After all, it’s very likely that Harden will be in the MVP discussion for at least the foreseeable 5-8 years.  We’ll see if Harden takes the deal. When it comes to injuries the Sugar Land personal injury lawyers can represent these sports legends.


Baseball organizations may be getting rid of bat boys and bat girls.  Kaiser Carlile, a 9 year old bat boy in Kansas, was sadly struck in the head with a bat in the on-deck circle.  Unfortunately, the injury was severe and Carlile passed away. It is important to hire injury lawyers in case of injury or accident claims. According to the reports of personal injury attorneys based in Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter,  this was a freak accident, but the fact remains that it’s not completely safe to have little kids running around dangerous objects like heavy bats and blazing fast baseballs.  A tragic story.

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