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Mayweather To Fight In September, Foster Injured, Clowney’s Dad Arrested



Floyd MayweatherAfter Floyd Mayweather won over$100 million for his fight against Manny Pacquiao in May, it looks like he will satisfy his Showtime contract and fight his final fight.  The lucky competitor to take on Mayweather will be a young fighter named Andre Berto.  Berto is 30-3 and is a huge underdog coming into the fight.  Berto, however, was quoted as saying, “I’m going to knock him off his undefeated perch”.  The fight will take place on September 12th at MGM Grand.  The timing seems awfully soon, and doesn’t leave Mayweather much time to get in shape.  But Mayweather said he doesn’t even need to be in tip-top shape to win.  We will see which Mayweather shows up.



In the NFL, with training camps under way, teams are already suffering setbacks for the season.   In Houston, expectations were high from running back Arian Foster this season, but he injured his groin in the team’s fully padded practice.  According to team doctors, Foster will require surgery and will likely miss the start of the season.   This isn’t good news for the veteran running back, who will may lose his starting job for the course of the season to Alfred Blue or any of the other young running backs on the squad.

HardKnocksIn more news from the Texans, their star defensive end, JaDeveon Clowney, is having serious family issues.  Clowney’s dad has been charged with attempted murder for firing a gun in a South Carolina bar. This is unfortunate news, and could seriously affect Clowney’s psyche.   Surely, these stories will be all be covered when HBO features the Texans this season on Hard Knocks.

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