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RGIII Hit Hard In Redskins Pre-Season, Dodgers $300 Mill Payroll, JR Smith Staying With Cavs


Robert Griffin IIIIn the NFL, in a pre-season game between the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins, fans were hoping to see the Robert Griffin III of old.  Unfortunately, Griffin got hit hard after just about every pass play.  Then, early in the 2nd quarter, Griffin took a particularly hard shot, and was laid on the field for over 3 minutes.  Griffin was taken to the locker room with the doctors fearing a head injury.  Griffin is already fragile, and this doesn’t bode well for his future this season.


After the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Chase Utley, it’s now reported that they could be nearing a record $300 million in total payroll. The Dodgers said a few years ago that they wanted to be the New York Yankees of the West, and with a payroll like that, they are on their way.  Then again, they haven’t been dominant like the Yankees. In fact, they are struggling to hang on to first place.  For a payroll that size, they should be winning World Series after World Series.


In the NBA, JR Smith has decided to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There has been speculation that Smith was headed to the Lakers, but Smith felt that his best chance of winning a championship was with the Cavs.  The Cavs are now officially stocked with great talent and are doing everything possible to get Cleveland the title.

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