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Thompson Wants Contract Finalized, Hated Donald Sterling Sues, Smith Jr. To Retire, Newton/Norman Fight


The Cleveland Cavaliers are stacked with talent for next season with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.  Another key piece of that puzzle is their power forward Tristan Thompson.  Thompson was promised a huge $80 million contract extension this off-season.  LeBron really wanted him on the team.  The Cavs, however,  have yet to finalize the contract and now Thompson’s agent is threatening that if the Cavs don’t come to the table with an official contract this will be Thompson’s last year in a Cavs uniform.   Thompson is an emerging star and wants to know if the Cavs are taking him seriously.

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may be the most hated man in sports on account of his racist remarks caught on tape about Magic Johnson and other African-American athletes. Sterling feels wronged that his comments were made public in an unlawful manner so he is suing his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano for capturing him on tape, as well as TMZ for releasing the recordings to the public.  He lost his $2 billion basketball franchise on account of his remarks, however, it might be difficult for a judge to side in his favor as he doesn’t come across as a sympathetic figure. .


In the NFL, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. said that the 2015 season will be his last.  Smith had his glory days with the Carolina Panthers, until they released him from the team.  Smith thought he still had skills, and found a job with the Baltimore Ravens.  He had a solid 2014 campaign, but feels like he only has enough gas left in the tank for one more run.

Cam NewtonMeanwhile, back in Carolina, a fight broke out in practice between Josh Norman, a 4th year cornerback, and their franchise QB Cam Newton.  If Newton would have broken his hand, his wrist, even his finger, the Panthers’ season would be doomed.  The fight occurred when Norman intercepted a pass and when Newton tried to stop him, Norman threw a stiff arm.  Newton was upset because a stiff arm can cause injury.  Some fans are upset because it’s risky for quarterbacks to get in fights.

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