“A great read for both men and women– Betsy Berns has explained the game of football in simple, no-nonsense language that anyone can grasp. She’s also given you all the history–the colossal upsets and the spectacular victories, the memorable moments that make this America’s game.”

Sam Wyche
Color Analyst for CBS, Former Head Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals

“Betsy Berns knows football, and she’s done a great job of unmasking the players. Any woman who wants to learn about the fun, entertaining and humorous side of football should read this book.”

Julie Romanowski
Wife of Bill Romanowski,
Denver Broncos Linebacker

“This is the book arm chair racers have been waiting for. Betsy Berns writes with the humor and wisdom of a seasoned crew chief. She should think about changing careers.”

Shaun Assael
Author of Wide Open: Days and
Nights on the NASCAR tour.

“Every Motorsports fan, whether male or female, will enjoy this book. Berns has captured the essence of the sport and broken down the high-tech information in an easy-to-understand manner. There is no doubt that she will help motor racing become even more popular by educating the fans about our sport.”

Christian Fittipaldi
Driver of the Big Kmart race car
prepared by Newman/Haas Racing in CART.

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