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Nick Saban Unhappy About Bio, Junior Seau Hall Of Fame Banner, Kobe Might Play In China


Nick SabanIn college football, Alabama coach Nick Saban told the media that he despises unauthorized autobiographies.  Not just about him, but about anybody.  Saban, commenting about the book that was just written about him “Saban:  The Making Of A Coach” said he was never interested in talking to the author despite being called over 15 times.  Saban went on to say that there is only one expert on his life… and that’s him (Nick Saban).  The 63-year old coach said that after he is done coaching, he will write a book about his life, but until then, nobody should write a book about him without his permission.

In the NFL, deceased player Junior Seau is being elected to this year’s Hall of Fame. Even though Seau had the majority of his glory years with the San Diego Chargers, he is featured on the banner wearing a New England Patriots jersey.  San Diego is very unhappy, especially since Seau was such a big part of the San Diego community, even opening up a popular restaurant.   It’s undetermined if the Hall of Fame committee will make a change, but until they do, they can expect a lot of hate mail from Charger fans.



Kobe BryantKobe Bryant is entering his 20th season in the NBA.  While this year (or possibly next year) will likely be his last, Kobe said he could possibly see ending his career overseas.  Why?  Kobe is a household name in China.  If he were to play for a Chinese basketball organization, even at 40 years old, he could possibly get a 1-year check in excess of $30million.  It’s hard to say no to that kind of money when it’s sitting right there on the table. We’ll see what happens.

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