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Manziel Great Pre-Season Game, J.J. Watt Eating 9000 Calories, Blue Jays 11th Straight Win


Johnny ManzielIn the NFL, pre-season games are under way, and in Cleveland, all eyes are on Johnny Manziel.  Manziel’s rookie season was a disaster, which crested when he had to check into rehab (possibly for drug abuse). Manziel took the off-season seriously, and on Thursday night against the Redskins, he got a chance to show off his hard work.  The starting job belongs to veteran Josh McCown, but Manziel played great, and will give McCown a run for his money.  Manziel even ran for a touchdown, but did NOT flash his trademark “Money” sign.  Perhaps he is maturing.

100_3741 2Elsewhere in the NFL, J.J. Watt is known throughout the league as one of the greatest defensive players.  His work ethic is unmatched, which we now get to watch on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  But, since J.J. Watt is training so hard, he told his trainer that he felt he was running out of energy.  To get him the energy he needs for his rigorous two a day workouts, his trainer put him on an insane 9000 calorie a day diet which includes eating a ton of chicken wrapped in bacon.   Watt said it was actually difficult to physically eat that many calories — that he has to force feed himself.


The Toronto Blue Jays, fresh off of of acquiring some solid players in free agency, just reeled off their 11th straight win Thursday night against the Oakland Athletics.  They are red hot now and Las Vegas has made them the odds on favorite to win the World Series.  Sure, anything can happen in the post-season, but they are built to win, and Toronto fans, who haven’t had much to cheer about lately, are excited about the possibility.

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