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Dodgers Grab Utley, Benjamin Tears ACL, LeBron Tweets Worth $140K


Two of the league’s most popular franchises are at opposite ends of the spectrum.   The Los Angeles Dodgers are making a run at the World Series and  trying to put the pieces in place before the trade deadline to get there.  Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Phillies, the World Series champion not too long ago, are bottoming out.  They are selling off their parts, sending their beloved hometown hero Chase Utley to the Dodgers in exchange for two minor league prospects.  Both Teams hope they are making the right moves.


Every year in pre-season there is always one injury that is completely shocking and damaging to a team.  This year, that came out of Carolina.  The Panthers star second year wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, who had a brilliant rookie campaign, tore his ACL in practice and has been ruled out for the season.  This injury is a huge blow to the Panthers who were hoping to use Benjamin as their big downfield threat.  Cam Newton throws up the ball, and Benjamin catches it.   Now, the Panthers are desperately looking for answers at wide receiver.  Perhaps they can bring in some older veterans like Reggie Wayne or Santonio Holmes, but that doesn’t exactly make for an explosive offense.


LeBron JamesFinally, in the NBA, a marketing firm has researched that for LeBron James to tweet an endorsement of any kind to his 23 million followers is valued at roughly $140,000 (or $1000 a character).  One tweet from James would reach a huge audience, and a company looking to get that kind of reach on TV would have to pay 5 times that amount.  So is LeBron tweeting about your new business worth the money?  It will be interesting to see who tries.

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