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Brawl In Training Camp, Manning Wants To Be Highest Paid, LeSean McCoy Injured Hamstring


In the NFL, with training camps heating up, tensions are rising as well, especially when two different Teams train together.  On Tuesday, the Rams and the Cowboys held a joint practice, and a brawl broke out, signaling the immediate end to practice.   The NFL competition committee needs to figure out a way to prevent these fights from happening, because having joint practices can actually be beneficial for both teams.

Elsewhere in the NFL, Eli Manning has said he wants to become the highest paid player in the NFL.  Those are some big words from a guy who has had 2 lackluster seasons in a row.  Then again, Manning has won 2 Super Bowls for the Giants and still has a healthy amount of years left in the tank.  He is their franchise guy.  Currently, however, he isn’t playing at the level of an Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, or Russell Wilson.  Manning better up his game this year if he wants to see that kind of money.

LeSean McCoyFinally, in Buffalo, the Bills new running back LeSean McCoy, has injured his hamstring in practice and will require an MRI.  If the Bills lose McCoy for any period of time, it could be devastating, as he was supposed to be the key to Rex Ryan’s offense.  They practically stole McCoy away from the Eagles, and even shipped running back C.J. Spiller out of town as McCoy was intended to be “the guy”.   Bills fans need some good news.

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