Dwight Howard Stopped For Possession Of Gun, Cardale Jones Migraine, Former Nebraska Player In Jail


Dwight HowardIn the NBA, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is making the wrong kind of headlines again.  He was detained at Houston’s George Bush International Airport for having a gun in his carry-on.  Howard admitted that the gun was his, but reportedly will not face charges.   In Texas, people are allowed to carry a concealed weapon if they have a special type of license.  Howard, however,  doesn’t have that license.


In college football, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, who helped the team win the National Championship last season, was rushed to the hospital with a massive headache.  Apparently, the headache was caused by a migraine but even though pain in the head is serious.  He’s getting the best care possible, and everyone is hoping for a quick recovery.

Finally, in college football, with the season upon us, a former superstar college athlete is living a terrible life.  Once a stand out running back at Nebraska, Lawrence Phillips had a very bright future.  The Rams picked him to be their running back, but because of his behavioral issues, things didn’t pan out.  He was then sent to 31 years in prison for domestic violence.   And now he will apparently be charged with murdering his cell mate.

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