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Jets Dominate Colts, Rodgers Takes Stab At Wilson, Cutler/Brees Injured


Andrew LuckThe New York Jets defense dominated Monday night’s matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. Colts’ QB Andrew Luck played unusually sloppy while the Jets D lead by Darrelle Revis caused the Colts to crumble. Colts are now 0-2 and the NY Jets are surprisingly 2-0. Jets 20, Colts 7.


Aaron RodgersIn other NFL news, the gossip train is in motion after Sunday night’s Packers v. Seahawks game.   People were wondering if Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers was taking a jab at religious Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson after the game when he said “I think God was a Packers fan tonight“.  Wilson is known, like many athletes, for thankingGod after a victory.  Given that the Packers and Seahawks are quickly becoming rivals, this may have been Rodgers attempt to show Seattle that the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC.

In Chicago, it looks like the Bears have an issue at quarterback.  Jay Cutler got injured in Sunday’s game and now it’s reported that he will miss at least 2 weeks.  Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen will now get his shot at attempting to bring the Bears to glory.  It’s too early in the season to count any team out, but things do look gloomy in Chicago.
Finally, in New Orleans, the Saints worst nightmare has come true:  Drew Brees is injured and will likely miss a few weeks.  The Saints have never had to survive without Brees calling the shots, but now they will hope their back-up Luke McCown, the unlikely star of a recent Verizon commercial campaign, can manage their offense and turn the team around. McCown is NOT Drew Brees, however and the Saints may have a tough season. .
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