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Kobe And Nowitzki May Not Retire, Panthers Grab Jared Allen, Packers Dominate In MNF


Kobe BryantIn the NBA, the Laker’s Kobe Bryant spoke to the media about his retirement and surprisingly said that he hasn’t made a decision.  Many people thought that Bryant would announce his “Farewell Tour” this off-season on account of his age and his recent injuries. It’s now possible Bryant will have to be “removed” from the NBA kicking and screaming.  Then again, the basketball season is long so he may still retire.
Speaking of NBA players who don’t want to retire, Dallas Mavericks’ superstar and future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki said that he would like to play two more years and then THINK about retirement.  Dirk is 36 years old, and his determination is nothing short of incredible.  Basketball stars are playing longer than they used to on account of improved conditioning, nutritional diets, and advanced medical services on training staffs.


In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers started 3-0 and look like they have a shot to win it all this season.  With this new sense of dominance, they traded a draft pick to the Chicago Bears for veteran star linebacker Jared Allen.  The Bears’ season isn’t starting off well so stockpiling draft picks might not be a bad idea. Allen should have an immediate impact with the Panther’s defense by striking fear into opposing QB’s.

Aaron RodgersFinally in Monday night football, the Green Bay Packers dominated the Kansas City Chiefs with five touchdowns from QB Aaron Rodgers and strong play from RB Eddie Lacy and WR Randall Cobb. The Packers are now 3-0 for the first time since 2011. Packers 38, Chiefs 28.

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