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Seahawks Bonded In Hawaii, Browns Bad Trade, Brady Decision This Week


beb3a503b3ccf0529420363284e8186b 2In the NFL, memories die hard and last year’s Super Bowl where the Seattle Seahawks had a chance to beat the New England Patriots in the closing seconds but made an epically bad call on the goal line to lose the big game, still weighs on the team. In order to avoid going into the season with a depression hangover, Russell Wilson brought the whole team on a trip to Hawaii.  The team shared their feelings, shed some tears and threw all bad thoughts off of a cliff.  They needed to start fresh and the bonding on the trip seemed to work.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns cut Phil Taylor.  Now, you’re likely asking “Who is Phil Taylor?”.  He isn’t a recognizable player, but he was the last remnant of the trade the Browns made so the Atlanta Falcons could get superstar wide receiver Julio Jones.  The Falcons traded up in 2011 to take Jones, and gave the Brows 5 pics.  Taylor was the last of those picks.  They used the other picks on players like Branden Weeden and Greg Little, but they didn’t pan out either.  Clearly, the Browns lost that trade, and probably should have taken Julio Jones themselves.
Finally, in the NFL, Tom Brady is still fighting hard to appeal his 4-game suspension from “Deflatgate”.  On Tuesday, a legal expert said that he thinks that Brady will win the case, and be able to play in the opener.  Many people thought Brady’s suspension was too heavy and at worst he should only be suspended 2 games.  The judge is set to make a ruling this week.

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