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Fail For Cardale, Tebow On SEC Network, Rousey In remake Of Road House


In the NFL, Cleveland Browns fans already have such a bleak outlook on their 2015 season that they are launching the campaign #FailForCardale.  Browns fans are operating under the assumption that they will be so bad, that they will land the #1 overall pick, which they are hoping will be Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones.  Even though it’s unlikely that Jones would be the #1 overall pick, he’s still an exciting name that Browns fans could imagine on their roster.

Elsewhere, in the Tim Tebow saga, it appears that Tebow will resume his role as commentator on the SEC network.  Tebow’s dream was to come back to the NFL, but he will be a welcome face on air for all SEC diehards.


Road HouseFinally, in sports, it looks like Ronda Rousey has decided to take her heightened brand name to the big screen.  She will star in a remake of the late 80’s Patrick Swayze cult classic Road House. Rousey will play a bouncer that ends up saving the town from corruption.  Wanting to show respect, Rousey received permission to pursue the role from Swayze’s widow.

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