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Pierre-Paul Contract, Brandon Marshall Claims Racial Preference In Deflategate, UT Switches Up


In the NFL, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul finally met to discuss his contract with the team.  Pierre-Paul infamously blew off one of his fingers with fireworks during a 4th of July celebration.  The incident occurred BEFORE he signed his contract, meaning he could lose millions of dollars.  The Giants apparently don’t feel Pierre-Paul is ready to play and don’t want to waste money on a player that will need to sit on the bench for a season so no deal has been signed as of yet.

Brandon MarshallElsewhere in the NFL, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall is speaking up about Tom Brady’s suspension being overturned.  He said “race” played a role in the decision, and argued that African-American athletes don’t get treated the same way as other athletes.  Marshall said he’s not alone on this issue, and many players in locker rooms across the league feel the same way.

And in college football, the University of Texas boasts the biggest athletic program in the nation.  They are typically a perennial Top 10 powerhouse, but they have been completely lackluster the past few seasons.  After Notre Dame crushed UT this weekend, head coach Charlie Strong demoted his offensive coordinators, and promoted his receivers coach.  We’ll see if that makes a difference going forward.

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