In the NFL, most would agree that Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs in the game.  Last year, he came just 9 yards short of the single season rushing record.  While Peterson would have loved holding that record, he has higher ambitions.  Peterson said that he intends to break Emmitt Smith’s career rushing record.  Not only did he make this a goal, he put a date on it.  Peterson said that he thought he would break the record in Week 16 of 2017.  Now that’s a prediction.  It’s a noble thought, but keep in mind that Adrian Peterson is 28 years old, and it’s very tough to stay healthy in the modern NFL.  Plus, Peterson likes to embrace contact, whereas Smith was very good at avoiding it.  That stuff matters.
And in an update in the Percy Harvin situation in Seattle, it looks like the receiver has opted to undergo hip surgery.  This surgery will sideline Harvin for 3 or 4 moths.  So, starting today, if that holds true, Harvin would likely miss 8-10 games in the regular season.  But if the Seahawks can stay competitive (which they should), then Harvin’s return will offer a BIG boost in the second half of the season.


Finally, In the NBA, free agency season is starting to wind down, as the marquee players have found their homes for next season.  However, there are still some deals that jump up and surprise you.  Tuesday, the Pistons traded for Milwaukee Bucks’ star point-guard Brandon Jennings.  In exchange, they sent over their up-and-coming point guard in Brandon Knight.  This was a money-saving move for the Bucks, and a “We’re back” move for the Pistons.  Just this off-season, the Pistons got Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, plus they have two emerging stars in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe down low.  This will be a very interesting team in the fall.

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