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In the NBA, even though the ship has already sailed on Dwight Howard in Los Angeles, Lakers point guard and future Hall of Famer Steve Nash told the media a few interesting tidbits.  He was in the room when the Lakers tried to court Howard, and he said that the Lakers organization had no chance of keeping him.  Nash knew that Howard wasn’t happy as a Laker, and Dwight reemphasized that he never really felt embraced by the team or the city.  Nash saw clearly that Howard didn’t like playing basketball under D’Antoni’s system, and knew that Dwight was a lost cause.  The whole move did in fact seem desperate.  When a player has decided to move on, wish him luck, and go forward with Plan B.

Elsewhere in NBA free agency, with the top free agents slowly coming off the board, the next in-line as the ‘hot’ free agent is Monta Ellis.  Ellis spent a year and half with the Milwaukee Bucks after coming over from the Warriors.  The Bucks wanted him back, but Ellis is testing the free market because he knows this will likely be his last big pay day as an NBA player, so he needs to ensure he gets as much money in his pocket as possible.  Tuesday, he said he has narrowed his choices down to 4 teams:  Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, and Charlotte Bobcats.


Finally, in the NFL, it looks like the Lions are going with Matt Stafford as their quarterback of the future.  They are apparently going to give him a big contract worth $76.5 million over the next five years.  And $41.5 million of that is guaranteed money.  The Lions had an off year last year, but they still have a bevy of young talent, and an emerging Iron Curtain type defense.  Having a sturdy quarterback like Stafford at the helm means that they don’t have to worry about the QB position going forward, and can continue building their strategy and roster around him.  This seems like a smart move by the Lions.

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