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In the NBA, the Miami Heat may be back-to-back champions, but teams in the East are gunning for them hard next year.  They definitely earned their championship this past season, but teams are only going to get stronger.  And arguably their biggest foe, the Indiana Pacers, thinks they have the Heat’s number:  size.  The Heat struggled against the Pacers because they couldn’t find a defensive answer to Pacers big men Roy Hibbert and David West.  Now, the Pacers have decided to go find more depth and athleticism at the forward position, adding big man Luis Scola.   Scola isn’t just a big man, however, he’s an excellent offensive presence as well.  He was wasting away on the lowly Suns, but should thrive in Indiana.  Meanwhile, the Heat have yet to make any significant roster moves.  However, many people think they will nab Greg Oden.  But is Oden the answer?  They may need more.


There has been a lot of buzz around the Yankees lately, especially since they have been without their captain Derek Jeter.  Recently, the Yankees brought back Alfonso Soriano, who was their clutch star in their early 00’s decade dominance, and now they got back Derek Jeter.  Jeter has been injured, and even played some minor league ball trying to recover, and Sunday against the Rays, they had Jeter back in the line-up.  And on the very first pitch back, Jeter smacked a home run out of the park.  Yankees fans went absolutely crazy and with Jeter and now Soriano, perhaps the Yankees can sneak back into the playoff hunt.  NY Yankees 6, Tampa Bay 5.

Finally, in some gossip news, Texas A&M Heisman winning quarterback, Johnny Manziel loves to party.  In fact, every time we see the sporting news, there always seems to be a new photo of Manziel drinking or posing with some girl.  Manziel thinks he is on a collegiate celebrity level, and that can pretty much get him into any party.  This may be the case, but there is one party he wasn’t invited to.  Manziel tried to go to a frat party on the University of Texas campus, and, in case he had forgotten, the Longhorns and the Aggies have been rivals for over 100 years.  He got beer thrown at him, and was instantly booted out of the party.   Johnny Football is lucky he walked out of there with all his bones intact.

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