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In the NFL, another quarterback is joining the $100 million dollar contract club.  Joe Flacco had to win the Super Bowl to get his lucrative contract, and now the Falcons have locked up Matt Ryan as their franchise guy going forward.  Ryan signed a 5-year extension that could be worth up to $103 million dollars.  Ryan has put the Falcons back on the map since their Michael Vick debacle about 5 years ago.  The Falcons are a perennial Super Bowl contender with a solid quarterback, a bevy of athletic wide receivers, and an up-and-coming staunch defense.  This was a very smart signing by the Falcons.   When you have your quarterback for the future, you do whatever it takes to keep him.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks are considered to be one of the Super Bowl favorites headed into this season.  This is largely because of their stronghold defense, their emerging superstar quarterback Russell Wilson, and their brand new receiving weapon Percy Harvin.  Harvin was going to be the big downfield threat for Wilson, and fans imagined him scoring touchdown after touchdown, and watching the Seahawks run up the score on helpless defenses.  But now, it appears that Harvin might have a hip tear, something that could require surgery.  If he did have surgery, that could sideline him for a considerable amount of time.  Given this, the Seahawks are hoping that Harvin can recover WITHOUT surgery.  It’s a risk, but one they’re willing to take, because they want to get the trophy this year.  Harvin is a huge part of that goal.


And finally, in basketball, it looks like two Gold Medals is enough for LeBron James.  James is usually the staple of Team USA, but LeBron is likely done with that pursuit.  He definitely contributed to the country’s gold status, but he’s at a point in his career where he doesn’t want the extra mileage of training for the World Championships and Olympics to take a tole on his overall health.  He needs the time in the off-season to rest and get healthy for his main goal of winning championships.  In his place, we will now likely see Paul George at LeBron’s position.  LeBron is passing the torch, and it’s time for George to get the international spotlight.

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