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Baltimore’s Chris “Crush” Davis is on fire right now.  In the post steroids era, this guy is truly a player to root for.  This weekend, in a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Chris Davis hit his 37th home run of the season.  With that dinger, Chris Davis ties the baseball record for home runs before the all-star break.  Many people are saying that if Davis can hit 62 home runs (1 more than Roger Maris’ original famous record), then he would be the true home run king, as Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds used Performance Enhancing Drugs.  It will be fun to watch Davis try.  Baltimore 7, Toronto 4.

Typically when someone hits a certain level of athletic or entertainment fame, they will, at at least one point, throw a first pitch at a baseball game.  Some of have impressed with their laser precise strikes, many just try to get it all the way to the catcher, and a few, well, completely embarrass themselves.  Well the latest addition to the later category is “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen.  Over the weekend, she threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game, and some are calling it worst first pitch of all-time.  That’s an impressive list to be on.  Perhaps they have a Hall of Fame for worst first pitch throws.


And in the NBA, when the Los Angeles Lakers waive Metta World Peace, many people wondered who would want the defensive stopper going forward.  It’s likely a contender would want him on their roster, but they do have to consider Metta’s behavioral issues.  This weekend, Metta first said that he didn’t want to play for an NBA team — that he wanted to play in China.  A weird request, but it’s likely that Metta could make about 40% more money in China than he could in the NBA.  He has a proven track record, and China likes when American basketball players in their prime play in their league.  But now, it looks like there is mutual interest between Metta and the New York Knicks.  The Knicks have reached out, and Metta has said that he would love to be a Knick.  It seems like Metta only likes playing in major cities with big media markets.  He wants and always will want the spotlight.

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