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Milwaukee’s star Ryan Braun has found himself in some serious trouble.  Braun has always been under the microscope for using performance enhancing drugs.  Two years ago, there was a major controversy surrounding him, as baseball suspected Braun of using, but he denied it, and they couldn’t prove it.  Now, it appears that Braun is actually using PEDs, and the league has suspended him for the rest of the season.  This time, however, Braun has not contested the accusation.  Braun told people that he is not perfect, and he hopes to come back strong next season.


In the NBA, Nate Robinson has been looking for his next home.  Little man and former Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson had a stellar post-season with the Bulls in May.  He even almost led them to upsetting LeBron and the Heat.  Robinson was an unrestricted free agent, meaning that he knew an excellent performance would probably help him yield a solid contract next season.  However, there were no early biters.  But now, it looks like the Denver Nuggets have come calling for his services.  Robinson is a fast-paced player, and will fit in nicely on a Nuggets team that likes to run.  This is a 2-year deal worth $4.1 million dollars, and Robinson still has a lot left to prove.  This guy can be excellent if put in the right circumstances.

And finally in the NBA, after a very disappointing start to his career, Greg Oden is ready to give it another go.  The Portland Trail Blazers drafted him #1 overall in 2007 (ahead of Kevin Durant) and expected him to be their franchise center.  However, he could not stay healthy, missing most or all of every season due to significant knee injuries.  The Blazers had to let him go, but other teams may be willing to give him a chance.  Those teams are the New Orleans Pelicans, the Sacramento Kings, and the Miami Heat.  If Oden is somehow able to stay healthy and realize his potential, they would be getting a fantastic player on the cheap. It’s a risk for whomever is buying, but the reward is sky high.

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