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In the NBA, it’s official, the Hornets name will return to Charlotte.  The Charlotte Hornets burst on the scene as an expansion team in 1988.  They eventually landed the #1 pick in Larry Johnson, and picked up Alonzo Mourning as the #2 pick a year later (after Shaquille O’ Neall).  In fact, in the mid 90s, the Hornets were actually quite competitive, even making it to the second round of the playoffs one year.  That was a time when the city was most excited about their franchise.  The stands were packed, and the cheering was loud!  Now, it’s official that the Bobcats will revert back to the Hornets in the 2014/2015 season.  Charlotte basketball fans are excited.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the likely #1 pick in next year’s draft Andrew Wiggins has publicly stated which team he would like to play for.  Wiggins is committed to play for Kansas next season, but it’s almost a guarantee that he will be coming out after just one year.  Now, Wiggins has said that he would love to play for his home country’s Toronto Raptors.  Toronto has always been a perennial #9 seed, and have never been anywhere close to the top of the Eastern Conference.  If they got Wiggins, he could propel them to a top spot.
Finally in the NBA, everybody counted Kobe Bryant out after he had a serious achilles injury late last season.  That was supposed to be an injury that was going to take at least 10 months to heal correctly.  Add to the fact that Kobe is already in his mid-30s, and most assumed he would lose a step.  Now, Lakers Vice President Jim Buss said that it’s possible that Kobe might be back for the pre-season.  Apparently, his recovery is well ahead of schedule.

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