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In the NBA, free agency is still in full effect.  The Los Angeles Lakers were the big losers in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, and now they have a hole down low at the center position.  They needed to fill that immediately, and there was really only one candidate (besides Andrew Bynum) to fill the position.  It was a player that started his career in LA — with the Clippers.  Chris Kaman will be joining the Lakers for a year.  Kaman is getting into the later part of his career, and he’s probably not the best fit for Mike D’Antoni’s fast paced system, but then again, it doesn’t look like the Lakers will be winning much this coming season.

And speaking of Andrew Bynum above, it appears there is some competition for the big man.  Even though he had an injury that kept him out all of last season, teams still clamoring for a big man are very interested in Bynum.  The first suitor… the Dallas Mavericks.  They lost big in the Dwight Howard contest, and now they are scrambling to land some kind of flashy acquisition to get their fan base excited.  Grabbing Bynum would qualify, but he is a huge risk, not only because of his injuries, but because of his attitude.  The Lakers had problems with him, and he has a reputation for being a sour player on the team.  And now, it appears that the Cavs are interested in grabbing Bynum on a 1-year deal.  The Cavs have been busy this off-season, grabbing key role players to help out their emerging star Kyrie Irving and their #1 draft pick Anthony Bennett.  Will Bynum sign on?


Finally, in UFC news, Anderson Silva lost a big fight this past weekend to Chris Weidman.  Silva is widely considered the greatest UFC fighter ever, but he made a huge mistake against Weidman.  In the second round, Silva got cocky and began taunting Weidman, but Weidman caught Silva off guard landing two punches to the face.  That sent Silva to the ground, where Weidman jumped on him and smashed him in the face again.  Silva knows he messed up, and now wants a rematch.  The headlines today read that Silva-Weidman II will be the biggest match in UFC history.  There is no date set yet, but every UFC fan will be looking forward to this one.

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