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In the NBA, it’s the end of an era in Los Angeles. After a handful of successful seasons, the Lakers have decided to amnesty Metta World Peace.  This means that they can get rid of him without having to pay full price.  They also save $14 million dollars on the luxury tax.  Metta World Peace came to the Lakers as Ron Artest, and was instrumental to their championship run in 2010.  In fact, Metta hit the amazing 3-pointer that gave the Lakers the win in Game 7 against the Celtics that year.  Kobe was cold, but Metta was hot that night.  Now a free agent, it’s likely that some contender out there will find a use for World Peace, but they still have to factor in his age and behavioral issues.

Elsewhere in the NBA, it clearly looks like the Brooklyn Nets are going for a championship run this year.  It’s only their second year in existence, but they want to get on the map as New York’s team.  Earlier this off-season, they brought in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to pair with Joe Johnson and Deron Williams.  And now they have brought in free agent forward Andrei Kirilenko.  Kirilenko played his glory days with the Jazz, but it’s likely that he still has a strong enough skill set to give the Nets some depth.  This team has to prove they can gel on the court, as well as get along with first time head coach Jason Kidd, but on paper… they look great.


Yasiel Puig has been the talk of the baseball world the last month.  Many fans wanted to see him in the all-star game, but it was controversial because Puig has only been playing for a little over a month.  He didn’t make the starting line-up, and yesterday it was revealed that he didn’t land a reserve spot as well.  Instead, the fans voted in Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.  Puig may not be an all-star this year, but there is a very good chance he will be next year.  Plus, it’s possible that he will lead the Dodgers deep into the post-season.

Also in baseball, the Yankees’ Derek Jeter finally came back to the lineup on Thursday, but he had to be pulled out in the 8th inning with a tight thigh muscle injury. He’ll be getting an MRI and all fans are waiting on the news.

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