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When Michael Phelps finished winning a career-high 22 gold medals, he said that this past Olympics was his last.  He is the most dominant swimmer in swimming history, and one of the best Olympians ever period.  But now, when people have been asking if he is coming back, he says… he’s not sure.  Phelps recently said he was super happy with his life, and didn’t miss the grind that it took to get in the best shape in the world (plus we all remember his envious 8000 calorie per day diet).   However, you can’t stop a super athlete from competing.  And Phelps recently said that he wanted to try and take up and perfect his golf game.


In the NFL, Greg Jennings was definitely beloved by Packers fans during his tenure with Green Bay.  But, the Packers decided to let him go for financial reasons and felt his services were no longer needed in Green Bay.  Ever since he signed with the Minnesota Vikings, Jennings has been jabbering non-stop about what a selfish jerk Aaron Rodgers was.  Apparently, according to Jennings, Rodgers isn’t big on gratitude or telling his receivers “good job”.  But now, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has told Jennings to stop all the trash-talking and focus on being a Viking.  Seems obviou. Frazier wants all his players living in the present, not the past.  The Vikings are definitely a playoff contender this year, and they will need all their players to have the same goal going into the season.  That means no more Rodgers-bashing.

And finally, out of Jacksonville, the Team’s on-paper starting QB Blaine Gabbert suffered an ankle sprain.  This happens all the time, but in Jacksonville, all the quarterbacks are so unimpressive and so lackluster, that it didn’t even discourage their new head coach Gus Bradley.  He knows they have a stable of eager quarterbacks, and he simply said “Next man up”.  Gabbert isn’t a franchise QB like a Tom Brady or Drew Brees, so even though he might be out for a bit, it didn’t even make Coach Bradley worry one iota.

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