Casey KotchmanIn baseball, the New York Yankees were 0-8 vs. the Boston Red Sox this year.  And they were looking to finally get that first win last night.  The Red Sox jumped out to an early lead with a Casey Kotchman home run in the 3rd inning to put the Sox up 3-1.  However, then the Yankees completely turned it around, and rocked Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz.  Jorge Posada had a nice game for the Yanks, going 3-4, and crushing a 2-run homer.  Finally, this year’s hex was broken, as the Yankees smashed the Red Sox.  NY Yankees 13, Boston 6.


The Atlanta Hawks are making some moves that show they want to win next season.  They had to worry about free agent Marvin Williams re-signing with the team or fleeing, and they decided to just give him the cash over the next 5 years. Williams was a hot rookie selection a few years ago, coming out as a freshman who played as a 6th man for UNC.  However, he has turned into more of a role player than a superstar.  And he was picked ahead of rookie of the year, Brandon Roy.  Keeping Williams is a good move for the Hawks, and shows their fan base they care about stability and winning, but they need a few more pieces if they want to compete in the talent-stocked east.

Speaking of Brandon Roy, he also signed a lucrative 5-year contract extension with Portland, that allows him to spend the prime of his career in his native Northwest (he’s a Seattle native).  In the NBA, this is a big deal, as quality players rarely stay on one team their whole career.  Free agency is too alluring, and players want to play either for contenders, or be a superstar on their own team.  Well, Roy has decided to stick around, and the Blazers are definitely a team on the rise.  But, can they finally make the leap to definite contender this year?  They have all the necessary pieces in place.


Jeremy RoenickAnd finally, after 20 incredible seasons in the NHL, Jeremy Roenick is finally calling it quits.  He rose to prominence in the early to mid 90s with the Chicago Blackhawks, and then went on to play for a total of five teams in his memorable career.  He was a staple of the hockey all-star world.  In a sport that’s getting increasingly more violent, it’s amazing that any player has a career over 10 years, yet alone 20 full seasons.  In Roenick, the game loses an Iron Man legend.

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