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Philip RiversIn the NFL it was a good day for San Diego Chargers fans.  They inked their QB, Philip Rivers, to a 6-year deal worth around $92 million dollars.  Sure, those numbers are complicated, but it’s estimated that about $38-$39 million is guaranteed.  To commit this kind of money to Philip Rivers means that the Chargers believe that he is their future, at least for the next half-decade.  Rivers has thrown for over 10,000 yards in San Diego, and had a phenomenal season last year.  And having stability at the quarterback position is a smart move for any franchise looking to constantly make the playoffs.  You don’t have to teach a new system to the leader, and you can keep building around him.  Look at the Eagles with McNabb — they are always competitive.  And the Chargers hope to be that way over the next few years.  But you better believe they want a Super Bowl appearance sooner than later.

Shaun HillElsewhere in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers have named their starting quarterback.  Many thought that their former overall #1 pick, Alex Smith, might finally make a comeback this season, and that still could happen, but for now, the Niners are passing on Smith at the starting spot.  Instead, they’ve opted for 8-year journeyman Shaun Hill.  And in the irony of ironies, Hill wasn’t even drafted 8 years ago, and now he has won the starting job over the previous #1 pick in the draft.  If that’s not an underdog story, what is?

And in another NFL story, there is more controversy surrounding Michael Vick.  Apparently, Vick is coming along very well for the Eagles, and is adapting to Andy Reid’s offense quite quickly.  This is looking like a great pick-up for the Eagles.  However, a picture has surfaced showing Michael Vick drinking in a Philadelphia airport.  In Michael Vick’s reinstatement, there’s a stipulation that says no drugs or alcohol.  Vick’s mentor, former Super Bowl Champ coach, Tony Dungy, immediately called Vick and told him that wasn’t ok — that he needs to take this seriously.  As of now, no penalty will be inflicted.  And, currently, it’s assumed that Vick will start at quarterback against Jacksonville on Thursday.

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