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In the NBA, the Boston Celtics secured one of their key reserves that could play a big role in another championship run.  They inked Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis to a two-year extension worth $6 million dollars.  In just his second year out of LSU, Big Baby contributed to the Celtics in a major way, especially in the playoffs.  They lost Kevin Garnett for the post-season, he stepped in, and was essential in their first round grueling win over Chicago.  He even hit a game winning basket in Game 4 of the Orlando Series.  Many thought he would be heading to another team, but Bean Town thinks of him highly, so he will be around for at least two more years.  Primarily, he’s an insurance option for the aging Ganett and newly acquired Rasheed Wallace.


In the NFL, some scary news for Carolina Panther fans.  It appears that superstar wide receiver Steve Smith has injured his shoulder.  It happened in practice, and Smith needed to be carted off to the locker room.  It’s undetermined how much time he will miss, but the coaching staff said it was a tragic sight for the franchise to see such an incredible player wincing in pain.  He may be absent for the first few games of the season.  At the same time, this gives one of their upcoming receivers, Dwayne Jarrett (the former USC standout), a chance to show what he’s got.

Elsewhere in the NFL, an update on the Michael Vick saga.  As of now, Vick doesn’t have a team, and the media has made it seem like no team will touch him.  Well, he has been mentored by former head coach (and Super Bowl champ) Tony Dungy, and Dungy said that “quite a few” coaches have contacted him about Vick.  Dungy isn’t exactly the man to lie or drum up hype.  He’s got a reputation for being pretty sincere, which means that there is hope for Vick to play in the NFL season.  We’ll keep you posted.

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