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Rick PitinoHere’s some interesting gossip.  Reportedly, Louisville head coach, the immortal Rick Pitino, stated that he had consensual sex with a woman named Karen Sypher, and thus committed adultery.  They supposedly met at a restaurant when Pitino was drinking, and then proceeded to consummate.  Later, however, Sypher said Pitino forced himself upon her, and tried to sue him for $10 million.  These charges were later dropped, and Sypher was accused of lying to the FBI.  It was an extortion attempt.

However, today’s news suggests there may be more details to this case.  Now, the matter has an interesting little nugget.  Reportedly, Pitino later paid Karen Sypher $3,000 to have an abortion after they met.  Many think that she’s only still coming forward with more stuff, because she’s the defendent, and is trying to keep herself out of jail for the extortion cause.  However, maybe there’s a lot more to this situation that we don’t know.  I’m sure more details will develop in the coming days.

In the NBA, a bold free-agent signing.  The Cleveland Cavaliers signed former Boston Celtic Leon Powe.  Now, here’s the crazy thing about Powe. He was playing pretty well in Boston as a back up power forward, and was poised to make a considerable leap.  Then… he got injured, and missed the playoffs.  Well, he’s still injured, but should be ready by around February, and could be a fantastic addition to a team looking to go deep in the playoffs.  The Celtics, however, don’t want him anymore.  So, because he felt slighted, he chose to sign with Cleveland for 2 reasons.  (1) He wanted to stay in the Eastern Conference and play for a contender so he could seek revenge on Boston, who he says, ‘Gave up on him’.  And (2) He used to play with LeBron James in High School.  Just more chemistry for an already super powerful Cleveland team who needs to win it all this year.


And finally, a quick update out of the NFL.  Yesterday we reported that Steve Smith was hurt in practice, and it wasn’t clear how many games he would miss.  Well Panthers fans, you can breathe a sign of relief, because Smith has said he hopes to be ready for opening day.   The preseason is definitely out, but the injury isn’t severe enough to sideline him for the regular season.  And Carolina will sorely need Smith if they plan to make another playoff run.

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