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A major story out of college basketball.  In 2008, the Memphis Tigers had a school record 38 wins.  They also went to the National Championship, only to lose it in the last few seconds.  As it was reported recently, Derrick Rose may have cheated on his SAT in order to become eligible to play in the NCAA.  These reports were confirmed yesterday, and now that magical season is officially off the books.  It’s as if it never happened.

John CalipariThe controversy in question at this point, given that Derrick Rose is now in the NBA, surrounds then head coach John Calipari. He recently just signed as head coach of Kentucky, which has a very exciting freshman class, and could definitely win the National Championship.  Many believe that Calipari should be held responsible for this incident, given that he was overseeing the entire recruiting process.  But his name isn’t on any of the allegations, and technically, he’s free to go.  It’s almost like he got away from a bank robbery… with the money.  Do you think he should be suspended for a full season?  Or should the past just be the past, and let him move on?


Chad OchocincoIn pre-season football, it was the Cincinnati Bengals v. the New England Patriots.  And this game had two notable moments.  First off, Chad Ochocinco may have a new role for the Bengals.  He kicked the go ahead extra point to give Cincy the win.  You know it’s the pre-season when wide receivers are kicking field goals.  Then again, Johnson is a huge international soccer fan, so perhaps this was wish fulfillment in some way.

The other notable moment(s) of the night, were two pretty intense hits on Patriots Tom Brady.  Brady is a very fragile commodity right now, especially since the Patriots shipped Matt Cassell off to Kansas City.  And all it took to sideline him from all of last season was an accidental late hit by a linebacker.  If they lose Brady for any reason, the Patriots are done.  Not just their season, but, potentially, their dynasty.  Plus, for the record, they looked really bad in this game.  Cincy 7, New England 6.

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