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Josh BeckettThere was a huge rivalry match-up this weekend between the Yankees and the Red Sox.  The Red Sox started this season’s rivalry out scorching hot, beating the Yankees in the first 8 games between them.  However, since the all-star break, it has been nothing… but… Yankees.  This time the series was in Boston, featuring a marquee pitching duel between the Yanks’ C.C. Sabathia and the Red Sox’ Josh Beckett. Beckett is Boston’s ace, and if he couldn’t shut them down, then this season might just go to the Yankees.

Well, Sunday came as a surprise to Boston, but not to New York, as the Yankees blasted home-run after home-run off of Beckett.  First it was Derek Jeter in the 1st, then Hideki Matsui in the 2nd, then Robinson Cano in the 4th.  Beckett just couldn’t catch a break.  He looked like a Little League pitcher out there.  Now it looks like the Yankees have a distinct advantage of winning the competitive AL East.  But look out for the Red Sox as Wild Card.  NY Yankees 8, Boston 4.

Elsewhere in baseball, John Smoltz had a brilliant debut with the Cardinals.  Smoltz is coming off a disasterous performance with the Boston Red Sox, which led to him signing with the Cardinals.  And at 42 years old, everyone wondered if he still had any gas left in the tank, or if he was done for.  Well, Smoltz said he wanted to forget everything that happened in Boston, and just focus on doing a great job on his second chance with the Cards.  Well… it worked.  He struck out a season-high 9 batters, 7 of them in row.  It was a marvelous performance.  Smoltz said he wanted to have fun out there, and he definitely did.  Now the Cards look even more dangerous.  St. Louis 5, San Diego 2.


Finally, some news out of college football.  The Michigan football program has a storied history, but they have been putrid in the past few seasons.  Well, they may have found a savior in freshman quarterback Denard Robinson.  He’s a nice, church-going kid who goes by the nickname, “Shoelace”.  He said it’s because he never tied his shoes in Pee-Wee football, his coach called him “Shoelace”, and the name just stuck.  If he works out, he will be beloved by the entire Michigan fan base.  However, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said he plans to rotate three different quarterbacks in the team’s opening game.  That’s quite a bit.  Let’s hope either Denard Robinson or the three-man shuffle works out for a fledgling Michigan football program.



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