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In an update to the Rick Pitino saga, Pitino has publicly apologized to the University of Louisville about his issue.  He didn’t exactly outright say he had consensual sex with a woman, and then paid her $3000 for an abortion, but he did show regret for, as he put it, “his indiscretions”.  Pitino went on to say that he plans to stay at Louisville, and added the quote, “as long as they’ll have me”.  To conclude, he made a point about honesty, saying, “When you have a problem, if you tell the truth the problem becomes part of your past.  If you lie it becomes part of your future.”  There could be future developments in this story, but it seems like it will remain a private matter between Pitino, his family, and the U of L.


A  little scary news for Phillies fans.  They acquired future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez from the Mets a couple weeks ago.  He looked good in a minor league start, but yesterday he took the mound for Philly, and, um, didn’t look all that great.  Martinez did earn the win, but looked uncomfortable and showing signs of wear, allowing 7 hits and 3 runs.  He might improve over the next coming weeks, but to put him out there in the playoffs when he is clearly going downhill… well, that’s a big risk.  Philadelphia 12, Chicago 5.


Brady QuinnIn the NFL, as many know, there is a big QB competition for the starting job in Cleveland between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.  Well, yesterday the media ran away with a pretty silly story.  They said that Brady Quinn is cheating, and trying to sabotage Anderson.  Why?  Because the radio transmitter went out in Anderson’s helmet, so he had to use hand signals to call the plays.  Anderson joked after the game that Quinn told the defense what all the signals meant.  He was just kidding, but that didn’t stop the media from making a story out of it.  HEADLINE:  “Quinn tips defense to offensive signals” (or something like that).  Upon hearing this, head coach Eric Mangini just shook his head.


And finally, the U.S. just can’t get it done against Mexico in soccer.  They have played 24 times in Mexico and lost 23.  Mexico is just that good at home.  With the loss, Mexico dramatically improves its chances to qualify for the World Cup.  The U.S., who is playing its best soccer in years, is on pace to qualify as long as they win their 2 remaining games.   The other likely qualifiers from North America are Costa Rica and Honduras.  Mexico 2, United States 1.

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