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Percy Harvin.JPGIn the NFL, some news out of the Minnesota Vikings training camp.  Their first round draft pick, speedy Wide Receiver Percy Harvin from Florida, has finally signed with the team.  He was holding out, but not being lazy whatsoever.  In fact, he had been working out with his former teammate, Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow.  Harvin said he’s the closest thing there is to a pro quarterback, and he had been catching passes with him.  Now, the Vikings inked Harvin, and he will report to camp.  Harvin should have a major impact on the Vikings, as he will give them the downfield threat they need to draw attention away from their powerful running game.

With that said, the Vikings did receive some bad news as well.  Their current starting quarterback, Tavarias Jackson, sprained an MCL in his left knee.  Now, he will have to partake in some rehab before stepping back out onto the field.  This leaves the Vikings with the newly acquired Sage Rosenfels (from Houston) to take the helm.  However, many think that Rosenfels is only marginally better than Jackson, and that the Vikings really needed to land an experienced guy in Brett Favre to run this ship.  Now, since they are borderline desperate at the quarterback position, there is a strong chance they could give Michael Vick a call.  If he joined the team, the Vikings would become one of the most exciting teams of the season.

Lendale White.jpgAnd one more humorous story out of the NFL, Tennessee Titans running back LenDale White dropped 30 pounds.  As anybody dieting knows, 30 pounds is a lot.  But White’s weight loss method was a bit surprising.  “I cut out alcohol”, he said.  White said he loved going out, partying, and drinking, and he noticed once he stopped sipping the alcohol, the weight came pouring off.  For example, White said he loves Patron Tequila.  Now, he ceases to touch the stuff, and all of a  sudden he feels lighter on his toes.  Kinda crazy.  White says he won’t even have a glass of wine with dinner.  So, if there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s layoff the tequila.  And all this time we were worried about eating too much bread.


In golf, Tiger Woods is back on top.  With Tiger, it’s odd, if he’s not in the news for a few weeks, you kind of forget about him.  But then, all the sudden, he’s done something amazing and is back on top.  And this weekend, that’s exactly what happened.  Tiger Woods won his 3rd Buick Open Title.  And beyond this, he is now 36-1 when leading a tournament after 54 holes.  That’s amazing!  This means that he never loses a lead.  Other golfers will get ahead, and then choke the tournament away down the stretch to a competitor.  But once Tiger gets in the driver’s seat, he stays there.  This win is yet another breathtaking accomplishment in the storied career of Tiger Woods.

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