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Over the weekend, there was quite an achievement in baseball.  Going into a four-game series against the Red Sox, the Yankees were 0-8 versus Boston this season.  And yesterday, they turned that around in a big way.  The game was neck and neck the whole way, until New York’s Mark Teixeria blasted a home run shot in the 8th inning to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead.  And later that inning, Nick Swisher hit a nice shot to center to bring in two more runs.  And that’s all she wrote, as THE YANKEES SWEEP THE FOUR GAME SERIES AGAINST BOSTON.  With this win, the Yankees increase their lead to 6 games over the Red Sox for the AL East lead.


Tiger WoodsIn golf, Tiger Woods is simply on-fire…AGAIN.  He just won a major tournament, and yesterday… he won another one.  He took the Bridgestone Invitational Tournament by four strokes.  And on the Par 5 16th hole, Tiger had a beautiful shot to secure his victory.  With an 8-iron, hitting from 178 feet away, he put the ball right next to the hole for a birdie.  Meanwhile, his primary competitor completely choked down the stretch, even chipping a shot into the water.  Tiger is truly dominant right now.  Keep watching whenever you get the chance.


Kurt RambisIn the NBA, the Minnesota Timberwolves have finally named their new head coach.  And it is… former Laker player (and coach), Kurt Rambis. People might remember him for being the guy with the funny glasses and a mustache in the 80s.  Yes, he looked very silly.

Hard to imagine how anybody played like that.  The Wolves should have a Kurt Rambis night, where the whole team has to wear those glasses. Anyway, this could be great for the T-Wolves, because Rambis has been mentored by Phil Jackson over the last few seasons in Los Angeles.  Minnesota fans can be sure that Rambis has a tight grasp on both basketball strategy and team chemistry after studying under Jackson… The Zen Master.


And finally, the NFL had its first pre-season game yesterday, as the Tennessee Titans took on the Buffalo Bills.  Everyone expected Terrell Owens to show his stuff with the Bills, but he was completely overshadowed by a highly confident Kerry Collins (the Titans super-veteran QB).  Collins had a magnificent season last year, and has been given the keys this season as well.  However, he has Vince Young breathing down his neck for playing time.  So seeing Collins out there looking sharp could instill confidence in Titans fans.

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