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In the NFL, a little update on the Michael Vick situation.  While Vick is still team-less, he has hope.  A number have teams have officially said ‘No’ (the Redskins said it publicly), but yesterday got a public statement that could keep him optimistic.  Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson said, in regards to Vick, that “he wouldn’t rule anything out”.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, no one really knows.  Some think he did it just to stir up to controversy.  However, the Packers could use Vick.  He’d make a serviceable 3rd string quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers and Brian Brohm, and could be used in trick plays.  Who knows, maybe they will take a gamble on him.

Amani ToomerElsewhere in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs signed a reliable veteran receiver to help out their new franchise quarterback, Matt Cassell.  They inked former New York Giant Amani Toomer, a guy who can get things done when you least expect.  Every year, the Giants wanted to write Toomer off as being done, but he always seemed to be there for a key 3rd down catch, or even a touchdown.  After 13 years, Toomer said retirement is not an option, and will continue his heroic career with the Chiefs.

Also, a bit of funny news from the football world.  On Twitter, San Diego Chargers defensive back, Antonio Cromartie, wrote that he wondered if all the “nasty food” at training camp has contributed to the Chargers NOT making the Super Bowl.  Well, Chargers management didn’t appreciate that.  Their head coach, Norv Turner, brought Cromartie into his office and told him he was being fined $2,500 for the incident.  Cromartie said he thought the fine was a little excessive, but also said he wouldn’t take back what he said.  Clearly, Cromartie is frustrated at the Chargers mere ‘above-average’ seasons, and lackluster playoff performances.  It’s time to show the world that they’re Super Bowl material.


The NBA officially announced its 2009-2010 schedule yesterday, and the opener will most assuredly be a doozy.  It’s the top 2 (projected) teams in the East going head to head:  The new look Cleveland Cavaliers, and the fully healthy Boston Celtics.  LeBron/Garnett.  And let’s not forget that Shaq is in the mix now.  And on Chrismas day, you can catch 5 games, with a marquee battle featuring the Cavs v. Lakers.  Kobe & LeBron on Xmas — mark your calendar.

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