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Maddon Drama In Cubs Win, Yanks Win Again At Home, LeBron’s Ripped Jersey


The ALCS and NLCS series have not been disappointing. The NLCS, game 4 between the Chicago Cubs and Los Angles Dodgers provided some drama when Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon got ejected over a call in the 8th inning. Cubs’ closer Wade Davis appeared to strike out the Dodgers’ Curtis Granderson. Granderson argued he tipped the ball. After a review by the umpires on the field (who aren’t allowed to use instant replay on foul-tips), the strike-out was overturned and unsurprisingly Maddon didn’t take it too well. Even though Maddon was ejected and the game was delayed over the incident, Granderson struck out on the next pitch, and the Cubs held on for a 3-2 win. After the game, Maddon ripped the Officials and said,“The process was horrible. To have that changed — if Granderson hits the next pitch out, I might come running out of the clubhouse in my jockstrap. That was really that bad. You can’t permit that to happen. The process was wrong.” After the game, the plate umpire admitted he was “dead wrong” about the call. The series now stands at 3 wins for the Dodgers and 1 win for the Cubs. The Teams will play game 5 Thursday night.

In the ALCS, the New York Yankees beat the Houston Astros 5-0 on Wednesday night at home. And the “at home” part might be the most significant. The Yanks fell behind 0-2 in both of their playoff series’ away games. While they rallied back in the ALDS to beat Cleveland at home, they will have to work even harder in Houston to finish out this series, where they are up 3-2.  Game 6 Friday night.


If you were watching the Cleveland Cavaliers/Boston Celtics game on Tuesday night and wondering why LeBron James jersey had a tear down his back separating the #2 and #3 of his jersey number, there was no “political statement” and no “conspiracy theory”.  Nike, the uniform supplier, is investigating how the jersey could have torn so easily just by a player grabbing at him. Nike outbid Adidas to be the official NBA uniform supplier, and the 8-year deal is estimated to be worth  $1 billion, so you can imagine Nike is actively looking into its manufacturing.


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