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LaVar To Home-School LaMelo, Chiefs-Redskins Wild MNF


The controversial LaVar Ball is taking his youngest son LaMelo out of Chino high school in order to home-school and train him on his own. LaVar doesn’t like the new coach of Chino and believes he can make LaMelo into the best player ever. LaMelo is already committed to playing for UCLA in two years. According to LaVar, “I’m going to make him the best basketball player ever. It’s good for Melo. Less distractions. He just needs to focus.” Fans on social media had some fun at LaVar’s expense with posts such as this:


If you stayed up until the end of Monday Night Football, you saw an exciting final few plays in the Kansas City Chiefs-Washington Redskins game. With four seconds left the Chiefs rookie kicker cleared a 43 yard field goal to put the team ahead 3 points. But then things got even more exciting when the Redskins tried to salvage a loss by lateraling the ball a few times before fumbling and allowing the Chiefs linebacker to score. After four games, the Chiefs remain the only unbeaten team in the League. Chiefs 29, Redskins 20.


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