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Patriots D Held Off Buccs, Dannon Drops Newton


Thanks to the New England defense and poor play from the Tampa Bay offense, the Patriots held off for an ugly win over the Buccaneers.  Tom Brady moved the ball well but didn’t add much to the game. The Buccaneers kicker Nick Folk will likely take most of the heat for the loss after missing 3 field goal attempts. Patriots 19, Buccaneers 14.

In a follow up to Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton laughing at a female reporter, the Dannon Oikos yogurt company severed ties with him. After the company dropped him and other sponsors issued statements expressing their disappointment, Newton issued a video apology stating “my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful toward women. To be honest, that was not my intention and if you are a person who took offense to what I said, I sincerely apologize to you.”


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