Tebow’s Spring Training With Mets, Lakers & 76er Moves, Seth Curry Finding Stride


All eyes are on former Heisman Trophy winner (and former Denver Broncos and NY Jets QB) Tim Tebow at spring training for the NY Mets. Most agree Tebow, at almost 30 years old (and not having played on a baseball team since his junior year in high school),  has no chance of making it to the Majors, but he’s creating a sensation in Florida. Tebow knows he’s got an uphill fight, but seems to be enjoying the challenge. He said, “Obviously, I knew it’s a big challenge. You’re picking up a sport after 12 years of not playing it, but I understood it. I think part of the challenge in it being so hard is part of why it’s something I’m enjoying and loving. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things in sports, but I’m enjoying it very much.’’


In some player moves, the Los Angeles Lakers released Jose Calderon who is expected to go to the Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be high on the list to grab Andrew Bogut, who was released by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Seth Curry (not a typo, he is Steph’s brother) is finding his stride with the Dallas Mavericks. As a shooting guard, Seth is averaging 16 points per game with a game high 29 points in Monday’s win over the Miami Heat. If the Mavs keep it up, they could secure the final playoff spot in the West and play Steph’s Golden State Warriors. That would be a fun matchup to watch!

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