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National Signing Day, Carson Palmer Signals Bye Bye Arizona, Oakley Says Barkley Drinks


Connor WedingtonFor all college football fans, today is a big day. It’s National signing day and recruited high school prospects from around the country will be sending in (via fax machine which probably seems a bit antiquated to a high school student) their official letters of intent.  Not only is choosing the right school a big deal for the recruited athlete, but the schools know they have to fill in roster spots with players able to start in their first or second year, especially with players leaving early to play in the NFL. Not all players wait until National signing day to announce their intentions, and some players even get creative. One of the best announcements I’ve seen is Sumner’s Connor Wedington (who decommitted from Washington then announced his pick with….no spoiler, watch the video to find out!)

In NFL news, Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer pulled his kids out of school, put his house up for sale and has moved out of the state. Palmer may be signaling he’ll retire. If that’s the case, the Cards need to find a QB ready to play. Many are speculating Dallas QB Tony Romo may be a good fit, but that could be tough call for the Cowboys as the Cards are NFC rivals.


As suspected, the drama between Charles Barkley and LeBron James hasn’t gone away. Former NBA All Star Charles Oakley, who has a history with Barkley, added fuel to the fire when he tweeted, “I love everything LeBron James said about the hater he needs to stop drinking at work. TNT can I stop by and get a drink?” LeBron’s buddy, Chicago Bulls Guard, Dwayne Wade even got into the action criticizing Barkley, “We all have flaws. But when your flaws are a little bit more, you should shut up.”

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