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NBA Trade Deadline Rumors, NJ Governor Chris Christie May Join Sports Talk Radio


3:00 today is the NBA trade deadline. It’s hard to imagine a player waking up this morning wondering whether he’ll be playing in his scheduled game this evening or packing his bags and flying out of town. One of the biggest rumors surrounds the New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony and whether or not he’ll stay with the team. As of this morning, the chatter has died down and looks like Anthony will travel with his team to Cleveland to help the Knicks compete against the Cavaliers. Trade rumors are flying around with other big names too such as Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia’s Jahil Okafor, and Indiana’s Paul George.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s second term is ending soon and many are wondering if he’ll switch careers and go into sports broadcasting. Popular sports radio personality Mike Francesca is looking for a replacement and said he’s considering offering the job to Christie, who’s expressed an interest in this line of work particularly since his offers for positions within the Trump organization haven’t been all that appealing. Christie seemed enthused last week when describing what his son said about the new gig, “He said, I can’t believe I’ve been listening to you talk about sports my entire life and that someone might actually pay you to do that. He said, I can’t imagine how great that would be for you,”

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