Duke’s Grayson Allen On Fire Agst North Carolina, NBA Social Media Rules


Grayson Allen 2It’s been an up and down season for the Duke Blue Devils and their controversial star Grayson Allen, but Thursday night’s win over their cross-town rivals, North Carolina, gave the team a much needed boost. Allen has been on fire lately helping the team to win their last 4 games by averaging 21.5 points per game (scored 25 against North Carolina Thursday). To refresh your memory, Allen has been in hot water for tripping three opponents over the course of the season. He was suspended for one game (critics thought it should have been more) and made to give up his leadership role as captain of the team. Duke 86, North Carolina 78.

The NBA needed to remind their players to refrain from social media abuse of other players/teams/officials so as not to diminish the reputation of the League or further heighten misunderstandings. The Deputy Commissioner wrote,”Teams may use social media for fun and lighthearted banter that does not reflect poorly on any team, player, other team or League personnel, or the League as a whole. However, such activity cannot become inappropriate or offensive. As such, we encourage teams to properly and extensively train their social media staff members to ensure that they know what kind of postings are appropriate and what kind are not.” Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone adhered to social media appropriateness!



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