Broncos Secure Playoff Spot, Black And Gold Win Fantasy Championship,Grimes Wife Causing Trouble In Miami,Durant Free Agent


In Monday Night Football, the Denver Broncos pulled off an important win in overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals. With the win, the Broncos secured a spot in the playoffs and even edged out the Bengals for the #2 spot. If the Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers in week 17, they will clinch a first round bye. Broncos 20, Bengals 17.

Screaming Weasels  Screaming Weasels  Black and GoldIn other important football news, the Monday night game capped off a great season of fantasy football. Our team, the Screaming Weasels, valiantly fought hard to secure a spot in the Super Bowl against the #1 seed, Black and Gold. After a tough weekend (with a brilliant move by Black and Gold to play Redskins’ tight end Jordan Reed), it all came down to whether or not Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas could pull out a couple of TD’s for the Weasels. Unfortunately it wasn’t his best game so the Super Bowl trophy goes to the deserving Black and Gold. Congratulations!

Elsewhere in the NFL, things could get a bit uncomfortable in Miami.  Dolphins star cornerback Brent Grimes’ wife Miko took to Twitter after the Dolphins loss and criticized their QB Ryan Tannehill.   She said “I knew this quarterback stunk the minute we signed to this team, but I kept quiet so I didn’t discourage bae [Brent] from believing in his team”.  She sent a couple other highly critical tweets about Tannehill, and it’s just more evidence that this franchise has a serious morale issue.  It’s also possible that Tannehill isn’t the Dolphins QB next season.


In the NBA, Kevin Durant is a free agent at the end of the season.  Most people think that his decision will come down to either re-signing with Oklahoma City or playing for his hometown Washington Wizards.  But now, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the Golden State Warriors have expressed serious interest in bringing Durant to town.  All the teams next season will have more money due to the higher salary cap, and the Warriors would love to see a dynasty emerge that includes Durant.

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