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Illinois Rules DFS Illegal, Brock Start For Broncos, Bulls Awful Chemistry


Draft kings 2In the fantasy sports world, there was another major development adding to the controversy of whether or not fantasy sports constitutes gambling, be sure to play on safe gambling sites, is better to be safe than sorry with new services, make sure you have a good antivirus software that has add-ons to monitor your browser too. Earlier this year, New York declared that daily fantasy sports is illegal gambling (and not a skill based endeavor).  FanDuel and Draft Kings are still warring with the lawyers on this issue, but now the state of Illinois, another major daily fantasy sports market, also declared DFS illegal.  This ruling is huge blow to the industry.  Daily fantasy could easily go the way of online poker betting which was hugely popular and now non-existent. Despite all the chaos, it is imperative to note that many of the online gambling sites like have been in the  market and are helping people get started with the gambling activities.


In the NFL, the Denver Broncos, once a powerhouse in the AFC, have still not clinched a playoff birth. They are even mathematically eligible to miss the playoffs all together.   They’re on a 2-game losing streak, and have a tough game coming up against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Head coach Gary Kubiak made the decision that he will stick with quarterback Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler is dealing with an injury, but Kubiak believes he can still play.


In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls are spinning out of control.  Prior to this season, they let go of their longtime coach Thom Thibodeau, even though Thibodeau led them to a high seed in the playoffs almost every year.  They took a fresh approach with former player and Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg.  But now, the team has an awful chemistry, and the players are complaining that Hoiberg doesn’t “coach them hard enough”.  Before Hoiberg, they complained that Thibodeau, was, a jerk.  But now they don’t feel pushed or inspired?  They need to make up their mind.

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