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Warriors Back In Force, Bo Ryan Calls Quits, Pats Sign Jackson


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.51.55 AMIn the NBA, the Golden State Warriors undefeated streak may be over, but their season is still going strong.  The Warriors traveled home to host the Phoenix Suns, and no surprise, Golden State dominated.  This team is playing at such a masterful level, every game is exciting to watch. Who knows, maybe they’ll launch another 24 game winning streak!  To quote Star Wars, “The force is strong with this one.” Golden State 128, Phoenix 103.

In college basketball, it’s the end of an era in Wisconsin.  Long time head coach for the Badgers Bo Ryan decided to call it quits.  Earlier this summer, coming off back-to-back Final Four appearances, Ryan said he would coach one more year and then step down.  In a surprising turn of events, however, Ryan resigned “effective immediately”.   The Badgers are an inconsistent 7-5 this season without their first round draft pick stars (Kaminsky and Decker), but Ryan said not to count them out yet.  A great career for Bo Ryan!


After the New England Patriots lost their starting running back LeGarrett Blount for the season, they have been scouring the waiver wire looking for the perfect guy to give them a boost at running back.  It has been reported that the Pats are working out former superstar Rams and Falcons running back Steven Jackson.  Jackson was released this year by the Falcons and has been battling injuries but he might have a few good games left. With all the injuries they’ve sustained, the Pats are pulling out all stops to try and help the team.

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