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Ravens’ Lucky win, Golden State Still Hot, Okafor Has Security Guard


The NFL Monday Night Football matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns seemed as if it would be unexciting.  The Ravens lost their starting Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco last week to a season-ending injury, and the Browns, well, the Browns are just looking for answers.  The game was actually pretty entertaining. The Browns were close to winning by a field goal, but, in miraculous Browns’ fashion, the kick was BLOCKED by a Ravens’ rookie, and the Ravens ran for a touchdown!  Incredibly good luck for the Ravens, and incredibly bad luck for the Browns.  Baltimore 33, Cleveland 27.


The Golden State Warriors are still red hot, but teams are kicking  into high gear when they play them. Every team wants to be the one to take down Goliath.  On Monday night, the Utah Jazz actually got close to toppling Steph Curry & Co.   But, the Warriors stayed strong and held on for the win, bringing their record to an incredible 19-0.  The current record is 33 wins in a row.  This team is certainly fun to watch. Good luck Golden State!  Golden State 106, Utah 103.

Jahlil Okafor 2In the NBA, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Philadelphia 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor.  Okafor got in trouble for getting into a fight outside of a Boston bar, and was also pulled over for driving 90mph over a bridge.  The Sixers want to protect their investment, and Okafor is concerned for his safety so from now on, Okafor will be traveling with a security guard.  With some extra protection,  the hope is Okafor will stay out of trouble.

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