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Warriors Finally Lose Game, Bengals Lose Dalton And Game, Panthers Undefeated, Henry Wins Heisman


In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors were riding an unprecedented 24 game undefeated streak.  Friday night they took on a Celtics team that took them to double overtime.  The Warriors won, but had to take a late night plane to Milwaukee to take on the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Warriors are more talented than the Bucks, but the Bucks were geared up for the game, and the Warriors were highly fatigued.  Golden State held on, but in the 4th quarter, the Bucks took off and the Warriors didn’t have enough left in the tank.  Golden State now has their first loss of the season, but don’t seem deterred as their eyes are on winning a championship and breaking the best regular season record set by the 96 Bulls (10 losses).  Look for Golden State to get back on track right away.  Milwaukee 108, Golden State 95.


In the NFL, the marquee match-up of the week was the Cincinnati Bengals hosting their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers are clicking on all cylinders, but the Bengals are trying to prove that this is their division and they will Super Bowl bound.  Unfortunately for the Bengals, they lost their starting QB Andy Dalton in the first quarter to a thumb fracture. The Steelers capitalized and grabbed the win.  Sources are now saying that Dalton may miss the rest of the season, which puts former Alabama star A.J. McCarron in the cockpit.   Pittsburgh 33, Cincinnati 20.

And in Carolina, the undefeated Panthers hosted their division rivals the Atlanta Falcons.  The Panthers destroyed the Falcons with ease. The Panthers now improve their undefeated streak to 13 games.  Which team is going to stop them?  Carolina 38, Atlanta 0.

Heisman Trophy 2Finally, in college football, the Heisman Trophy Award was presented this weekend to superstar Alabama running back Derrick Henry.  Henry had a phenomenal year, and unlike other Heisman winners, will likely make a very good pro.  He sturdy and fast, and figures to be one of the top picks in next summer’s draft.  Now the question is… can he help Alabama win another National Championship?

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