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Kobe Playing Well, Fan Wins 100K, Video HS Sensation


Kobe BryantIn the NBA, Kobe Bryant may be retiring at the end of the season, but unlike a lot of other aging veterans, Kobe Bryant is still playing pretty well. Bryant turned back the clock against the Nuggets, putting up 31 points and 5 assist.  LA Lakers 111, Denver 107.

And in some crazy betting news, sports fan, Tayla Polia, placed a wild 15-game $5 parlay this past weekend. She played 14 games, and one over/under (the Broncos/Steelers). Most people  can’t even win a 2-game parlay, and this one had a possible odds of 20,000 to 1. Yeah, long shot. But, going into Monday night, all she needed was a Lions win or cover to win the $100,000 prize. And, she hit it. Apparently, Polia fainted at the law office where she works when she won, and then went out to lunch.

Finally, in college basketball, years ago, there was a viral video sensan on High School basketball player Zach Hodskins. Hodskins only has one hand, but hecan play really well. In these videos, he’s pretty much unstoppable, and can drain a shot from anywhere. A few years ago, Hodskins made the team at Florida as a walk-on. And on Tuesday, Hodskins got on the floor against Jacksonville, hit a layup, and even drew the foul. Here’s the video for the story:

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