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Bridgewater Fumbles For Cardinals Victory, Crowd-Storming In Iowa Puts Reporter In Hospital


All QB Teddy Bridgewater needed to do to help the Minnesota Vikings send the Thursday night game into overtime was throw the ball to the sidelines so a receiver could get out of bounds or throw the ball away but just don’t get sacked and don’t throw over the middle. Unfortunately Bridgewater didn’t fully internalize this message as he fumbled the ball, the game clock expired and the Arizona Cardinals won the game. This third down play was an unfortunate mistake that overshadowed a very solid game for the 2nd year QB Bridgewater. With the win, the Cardinals clinch a playoff berth. Cardinals 23, Vikings 20.


Iowa State 2A Des Moines sports reporter, Randy Peterson, got trampled after Iowa State beat Iowa on Thursday night when the crowd stormed the court after the game. The incident is bringing back the discussion on whether crowd-storming should be allowed. The Southeastern conference, for example, has been fining schools for storming the court or rushing the field for over 10 years now.

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